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Ron Del Duca – Owner & Cardio Fitness Coach

Q: Where were you born and raised?
A: New Kensington, PA. I grew up in Virginia Beach, VA since my dad was stationed there as a Naval Officer. After law school at Duquesne, I moved back to Virginia Beach to practice law and then I moved back to Pittsburgh in 2008 where I still practice law and own Crossfit Mayview.

Q: What is your educational background?
A: Business Administration from Richmond, JD at Duquesne Law School and Master of Law in Taxation from William and Mary Law School

Q: Athletic background?
A: Played football, baseball, soccer, and basketball in High School; College baseball at the University of Richmond (played against former Pirate Sid Bream…yes, I am that old); Adult baseball (still playing); CrossFit Regional Qualifier 2014, 2015, 2016 and 2017 (Masters 55-59)

Q: Greatest accomplishment?
A: My two kids Gabriella 20 and Ronaldo 18.

Q: Do you follow Paleo, Zone, Macros? Or do you eat whatever?
A: hahahaha…yeah…ok…next question

Q: When would we find you at Mayview?
A: Some weekdays mornings and every evening. Weekends too…no I really do not have a life

Q: What is your favorite WOD?
A: ANNIE (50-40-30-20-10 reps of Double Unders and Sit-ups), anything that includes deadlifts/box jumps/power cleans and or burpees

Q: Least favorite exercise? WOD?
A: Snatch, it sucks. Any WOD with overhead squats (the Tin Man from the Wizard of Oz has more flexibility than me).

Q: Who pushes you the most in the gym?
A: Ronaldo my son, my fiance Lea Hyman and whoever I am working out with at that time.

Q: What are your hobbies outside of CrossFit?
A: What’s a hobby?!? Spending time with my dad and kids, hanging and working out with my fiance Lea Hyman, hitting baseballs with my son Ronaldo, Reading Drudge Report, biking on the Montour Trail

Q: If you were stuck on an island with one barbell and one song playing, which movement would you choose and what song?
A: I would Power Clean and any Electronic Dance Music song

Q: Favorite quote?
A: Actually, I have 3: “You gotta go!”, “Pick up the bar!”, “Wake the f—- up guy!” (can i say that in this thing?)

Q: If you had to pick one city in the world to live in, where would you live, why?
A: Virginia Beach, but a close second is Monaco (from my old tennis representation days)

Q: Favorite place to be (in Pittsburgh)?
A: Crossfit Mayview — is there anywhere else?

Q: Why do you CrossFit?
A: I enjoy what the workout it gives me both mentally and physically. CF is hard—in many ways. To finish a WOD or master a new movement (hello handstand push ups!) is quite a sense of accomplishment—and makes other things you have to conquer in life — at least to me — much easier to tackle and complete. You can not overemphasize the mental toughness that CF can create in a person. To me that is even better than the physical aspect of it, and that is why I do it.

Also, I do it for the relationships that I have made. Since CFM has opened, i have made many new friends and relationships…people that I not only like, but admire — and they have helped me to become a better person.

Q: Favorite TV shows?
A: They are old & gone now but I liked Burn Notice, Justfied and Mad Men. I also enjoy watching Fox News and Shark Tank.

Q: Favorite Book?
A: My Sports Law textbook.

Q: If you could have a snack while doing box step ups, what would it be?
A: 1st round: donuts; 2nd round: corn nuts; 3rd round: protein powder shake

Q: What are your goals? (Crossfit related or not)
A: To become a better father, son, friend and business owner. To continue to do things to make CFM the best box it can be. To finish in the top 20 in the Masters Division in the Crossfit Games.

Q: If you could do a partner WOD with anyone in the world, dead or alive, who would it be?
A: My son Ronaldo and my dad — both of them inspire me every day — and both have taught me never to take anything for granted.

Q: What is 1 thing on your bucket list?
A: To drive from here to the west coast and back — as long as I can workout every day