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crossfit_mayview_slider2-2CrossFit was born in 2000, quickly taking the fitness world by storm. Much more than traditional workouts and very different from other sports, CrossFit can be defined as constantly varied functional movements performed at a relatively high intensity. The idea is to coach people of all abilities and help them improve their overall physical well being.

CrossFit aims to improve a person’s capacity across 10 key physical qualities: cardio/endurance, stamina, strength, flexibility, power, speed, agility, balance, coordination, and accuracy. CrossFit is training is broad, general, and inclusive and does not specialize. It is a training program that improves all areas of fitness through extremely varied and challenging workouts.

What do we mean by functional? There are no stationary weights, no calf machine, leg extension machine, or curl machines. CrossFit helps you move your body the way it is meant to be moved in your everyday life or sport. Squats are part of the workout because in real life, you squat every time you sit down or stand up.

CrossFit classes are small group training sessions, with a maximum of 10-12 people per class, led by one or two instructors. Classes promote an encouraging, supportive, and inclusive environment. CrossFit is very community oriented and very supportive of members of all fitness levels.

Is CrossFit for you? YES! CrossFit is for everyone, no matter what your fitness level. All workouts are scalable from beginner to advanced and all ages, genders, abilities are encouraged to try it. Everyone does the same workout, the difference is the scaled weight load and intensity, which creates measurable results and plenty of room for improvement to keep you motivated.

If you ask anyone who has tried CrossFit, you will get many different opinions, but the one thing in common is that it is never boring. The workouts change every day with plenty of variety, and there is always a new goal to be reached. CrossFit can be addicting because what was once impossible eventually becomes possible and creates the drive to become better and better.

That’s what makes CrossFit fun, too. You reach your goals and set new ones with a community that supports you and motivates you every time you step into the box. CrossFit is so much more than just exercise. Try your first class today for FREE!